Strand 5: Nature of Society and Culture

1900 - 2009

Decade: 1900 - 1909
Progressive Era
Wave of Immigration

Decade: 1910 - 1919
Soviet Revolution
Radio popularized
Large scale production of automobiles

Decade: 1920 - 1929
1920 - Prohibition Begins in the U.S.
Insulin Discovered in 1922
Roaring 20’s
Stock Market crash 1929

Decade: 1930 - 1939
Great Depression
The New Deal: Measures for Relief, Recovery, and Reform

Decade: 1940 - 1949
Rationing of goods to help the war effort.
Victory Garden
Women and Post-WWII

Decade: 1950 - 1959
1954 Brown vs Board of Education
Baby Boom
Civil Rights movement
Rock N Roll
Finding DNA

Decade: 1960 - 1969
Martin Luther King, Jr. wins Nobel Peac e.
Thirty-fifth President of the United States (1961-1963)President of the United States John Kennedy killed]]
Women’s Liberation Movement
Flower Power/Hippie Movement

Decade: 1970 - 1979
Gay Liberation Movement
Woodstock’s influence in the 70’s

Disco Culture
The 1973 Oil Crisis.
Roe v Wade a landmark case decided by the United States Supreme Court on the issue of abortion,.

Decade: 1980 - 1989
Michael Jackson revolutionizes music videos with his Thriller .
Video Games - Electronic Arts.
Generation X and The Millennials
AIDS Awareness

Decade: 1990 - 1999
Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded
Simpsons aired for the first time .
Nelson Mandela released from prison
Yuppie Generation

Decade: 2000 - 2009
9/11/2001 Twin Towers in New York -terror attack
9/11/2001 Attack on Pentagon
9/11/2001 Plane crash into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Video Games Are The New Rock ‘n’ Roll books and movies spur reading /movies
Generation Y
Go Green
Cell phone and internet usage growth